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Subsidiaries & portfolio companies as of Q1 2022
Portfolio valuation since we were founded in 2020

Our Portfolio

925 Capital

925 Capital builds capacity where demand for mining machines is rapidly outpacing supply. This investment in a de-risked business model shows solid returns that are less effected by today's crypto market volatility.


Infovera exists to empower small business owners with tangible insights into how to increase the market value of their company. It uses the TEVO score to help trusted advisors quantify the opportunity gap between a company's current and potential value.

Vaerus Technology

Breakthrough technology for cost-effectively accelerating and scaling AI/ML workloads. The Vaerus platform is designed to provide scalable, on-demand capacity, while eliminating performance bottlenecks and minimizing energy usage.

Sidekix Toys

Sidekix toys are about more than just fun. They’re created to help you foster children’s confidence, creativity, and growth.

Representing values of self-love, confidence, creativity, strength, kindness, and intelligence.


TEVO is novel business health score for small business owners, trusted advisors, and SMB lenders. Like a personal credit score, TEVO Score helps small business owners understand the total value of their business and how they compare in their industry.

The Mayaway

A global community of like-hearted people raising the vibe one heart at a time through heart-inspired conversations, stories, and uplifting media.

Our Investments
Soma Oil
Soma Oil is a premium solventless cannabis concentrates company.
Voyaj connects people from around the globe for one-on-one meaningful exchanges to foster global understanding and peace.
Nouri is about nourishing the relationships that mean the most to you. Add your contacts, set a contact schedule, and let Nouri show you how to bring your relationships to the next level.
ArrePath was founded upon the mission to discover new and differentiated classes of anti-infectives to address antimicrobial resistance (AMR) through the application of state-of-the-art technologies and novel strategies.
Create and customize your marketing easily and quickly with templates in our Design Canvas. So, whether you are a marketing, sales or HR director, franchisee or designer, Inkbench makes it easy for you to get your job done and build a stronger brand.
Trust Science
Trust Science ® offers a multi-patented explainable AI credit scoring SaaS platform that offers fair, accurate, and compliant credit scores, helping lenders find Hidden Primes™. Trust Science is helping deserving people get the credit they deserve, leading to a more financially inclusive future.  
Cheesecake Culture
Experience our culture as we provide you with a place to lounge, indulge in delicious cheesecake, and be inspired by our high vibe atmosphere.  We want you to leave feeling happier than you came, satisfied, and ready to take on your day!
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Dedicated to making a difference in the lives of people in need.

 We are honored and humbled to provide funds to  many non-profits doing this work.

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